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Saturday, 19 October 2019

Useful Information About Mayonnaise Hair Treatment

It is very common to find people, especially school children and women suffering from head lice. It is a very stubborn and difficult problem to remove and even the best of specially formulated shampoos often are found to be inadequate as far as treatment of lice is concerned. In many cases, the problem becomes so severe that the only option left is to get the head tonsured and removed all the hair.

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However, some mothers quite often turn to the conventional mode of treatments to get out of this persisting and nagging problem. Mayonnaise hair treatment is one of the most effective and commonly used options for getting rid of lice. Lice are nothing but eggs of head lice and once this is removed the problem of lice can be removed from the root. The problem with shampoos is that it contains harmful chemicals which could do a lot of damage to the scalp of young and tender children.

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Hence, it is always better to go in for natural option and Mayonnaise hair treatment is considered by many to be one of the best ways of removing the problems of lice and nits on a permanent basis. The basic function of these chemically rich shampoos is that they stun the lice into inaction and when they are in this state, they can be combed out and then killed.

The same function can be done with the help of mayonnaise and the big difference is that it is a safe yet extremely effective method of controlling and preventing lice. Another big advantage of Mayonnaise hair treatment is the fact that it is very economical and therefore can be afforded by a big portion of society.

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However such treatment for removal of lice can be effective only if it is done properly and in a planned way. If you are planning to go in for this treatment it would be better to inform the child about the process involved in this. Though it is a very easy process, at times it could be uncomfortable and itchy for the child. If you want the whole process of Mayonnaise Hair Treatment to be effective you should make it sure that the entire child’s hair is filled with a generous amount of thick mayonnaise.

It has to be ensured that the whole hair is covered and no dry spots are left out. If this happens, the lice are sure found shelter in these dry spots. Once you have ensured that mayonnaise is spread thick and wide over the entire hair of the child, you should pile up the hair and wrap it up with a plastic cover of a shower cap. You should ensure that you do not leave any strands of hair dangling out.

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The next step would be to cover the whole head with a towel which will help in absorbing the mayonnaise that runs down from the hair. This process has to be done the previous night and should be left that way for the entire night. If needed you could also place a towel above the pillow of the child to prevent mayonnaise spoiling the pillow cover and the pillow.

Mayonnaise Hair Treatment For Damaged Hair

Now you would be interested to know how this process of Mayonnaise Hair Treatment works on the lice. The mayonnaise basically suffocates these pests and stuns them, if not anything else. The next day morning, take your child right to the bathroom and open the towel and the plastic cap only in the bathroom.

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After having done it, position your child’s head over a white washcloth and run comb his or her hair thoroughly, using a good nit comb. You will be surprised to find the number of nits and stunned lice that fall into the washcloth. However, some nit and lice may still be leftover which can be removed with the help of your hand. Hence Mayonnaise hair treatment is indeed a great way to remove it and lice from the head.
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